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Art Project RFP

2010-12-20 00:35:11 by mjfgates

I released my first game, Cute Puppy In The Road onto the site, and it was met with a resounding chorus of "meh." Great idea, lousy art.

If I can get help with the "art" part, I'd like to release a 1.1 fairly soon to include art improvements, more levels and vehicle types, and some general improvements to the slideyness/collision-ness of it all. Plus of course if you end up working with me, I can take suggestions.

The game uses sprites, and a fairly simple visual style. I'd like to keep it that way, because this IS riffing on the original "Frogger". About as eight-bit as it comes, y'know? Anyway, I'm using the open-source SDK, so I can't make movieclips.

There's completed art for most of these things; it just sucks. The whole project will consist of
Puppy, animated, 48x48
Generic cars, about 64x56, seven kinds (three cars, motorcycle, bus, semi-truck cab, semi-trailer)
Guardrail section, about 96x24
White picket fence section, about 32x24
House, 96x96 or so
Wrecked versions of the cars, guardrails, and house (fences will just get thrown in the air and destroyed :) )
Level background bitmap, 640x400
Splash screen bitmap, 640x400
"Help/Controls" screen, 640x400
Maybe an additional "Game Over" screen with sad people gathered 'round the puppy's grave or something. Or whatever else you think of.

I'd be happy to share the credit and any money that comes in (yeah, right) 50/50.

If you're interested, reply here or send me a mail at, and we can talk.